Our 3rd-Grade Reading List

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How we chose what to read in 3rd-Grade  

Reading List

My main focus when choosing our 3rd-grade reading list (and every grade for that matter) is for each book to provide a positive impact on my children. The length or quantity of books read are not my main focus, however, the quality of information certainly is. Our children are very young and easily impressionable and the material they read will certainly have an impact on who they are. Any book we read must have a positive message and if it is Christ-centered we welcome it even more! At the end of it all, I can definitely say the books we selected this year were worthwhile our time and money, helping my 3rd-grader develop a deeper love and interest in reading.

reading list
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At the end of this post, you will find our 3rd-grade reading list which is mostly made of Informational books and Non-Fiction Chapter books. My son who is almost 9 years old, prefers Non-Fiction books over Fiction. Since in 2nd-grade we had a bit of a reading slump due in part to his lack of interest in the reading materials we were using at the time, I now keep in mind his interests when picking his books. I wrote a post a few months ago explaining the 4 easy steps we took to help us turn a corner last year in our not so successful reading journey. Here is a link to my post (Link →From Struggling to Avid Reader.)

Many of the 30+ books listed below are short in length, some have close to 100 pages or more. A great number of these books are Informational Animal Books, while others are Biographies of Famous People. While all these books are based on Non-Fiction events or facts, a few of these books infuse a tad of fiction in it to make the real facts they present more interesting to the young reader. You might also notice a few of these books are below grade range, why?

My child has built a habit of reading in bed before he goes to sleep. This is his own independent reading time and he’s free to pick any book of his liking. If the book my child picks is slightly below his grade level I do not discourage him from reading it, and why should I? We do plenty of at grade or slightly above grade level reading during our school day, so nighttime is his time to relax and enjoy. Each night he independently reads, he’s developing a love for reading but also reading to learn what’s of his interest, and I won’t get in the way of it!

At the end of it all, this reading list has broadened my child’s horizons, providing him with exposure to many great topics while expanding his knowledge in many areas.

Our 3rd-Grade Reading List and Links 

Reading List

Important!!! ⇒ When clicking on the Amazon links provided below, scroll down to product details and there you will find the following info for each book:

  • Age Range
  • Grade Level
  • Lexile Measure (What’s this?)
  • Book type (ex:. paperback or hardcover), and the number of pages.

Saving Tip!! ⇒ Amazon is a great place to go to for buying reading books (paperback, audiobooks, or even used books!). In general, their prices are pretty competitive and come with free shipping. The Amazon links I’m providing below are for your convenience to make a purchase but also to be able to look up each book and their details.

I’ve purchased many of our books through the Scholastic Teacher Store during their 50 books for $1 each book deal**. In case you didn’t know, we as homeschooling parents, qualify for teachers deals offered by Scholastic. To be eligible you can call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527) then press #2 THEN press 0 to speak with a Live Customer Service Representative. Explain you are calling to set up your homeschooling account so you can shop in their Teacher Store. You’ll also need to provide your homeschool name, so think about one before calling if you haven’t already😁.

**Please keep in mind when you buy books through the Scholastic 50 for $1 deal, you CANNOT pick the titles yourself. Scholastic will ship whatever titles they have available at the time of the sale within the Grade range of your choice. If you want to pick your reading material titles, then my advice is to purchase your books through Amazon or any bookstore of your preference.  Happy research and Happy Shopping! Feel free to reach out to me with any question!

Reading Comprehension Fundamentals 3 – by Evan Moor

  1. The Life Cycle of a Crocodileby Barbara M. Linde

2. Alligators and Crocodilesby Diane Swanson

3. Manateesby Zelda King

4. The Story of Thomas Edisonby Margaret Davidson

5. Challenge Your Self, Outrageous Animals by Jeff Probst

6. Daniel Boone, Wilderness Explorerby Walter Retan

7. Who Would Win? Killer Whale Vs Great White Sharkby Jerry Pallotta

8. Who Would Win? Tyrannosaurus vs. Velociraptorby Jerry Pallotta

9. Who Will Win? Whale vs. Giant Squidby Jerry Pallotta

10. Who Will Win? Lion vs. Tigerby Jerry Pallotta

10. Pocahontas by Leslie Gourse

11. Poisonous Animals by Seymour Simon

12. Who Will Win? Hammerhead vs. Bull Sharkby Jerry Pallotta

13. Who Will Win? Ultimate Ocean Rumbleby Jerry Pallotta

14. Moonshot, The Flight of Apollo 11 by Brian Floca

15. Who Will Win? Hornet vs. Waspby Jerry Pallotta

16. Honest Abe’s Guide to Presidential Electionsby Jack Silbert

17. Wild Weather around the World by Tory Kosara


18. Baby Sea Turtleby Aubrey Lang

19. If You Were at the First Thanksgivingby Anne Kamma

20. INVESTIGATE TRANSPORTATION Port to Port by Waterby Lynette Evans


21. Albert Einsteinby Marie Hammontree

22. All Kinds of Animalsby Judy Hull Moore (Abeka)

23. The Giant Germby Anne Capeci (Magic Schoolhouse)

24. Endangered Manateesby Bobbie Kalman

25. Sharksby Steve Parker

26. The Moon by Seymour Simon

27. The Magic Schoolbus “Plant Seeds”by Joanna Cole

28. I Survived The Shark Attacks of 1916by Lauren Tarshis

29. Who Will Win? Wolverine vs. Tasmanian Devilby Jerry Pallotta

30. The Shark Lady, True Adventures of Eugene Clarkby Ann McGovern

31. Great Migrations “Whales”by Laura Marsh

32. I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic, 1912by Lauren Tarshis

33. Engineers Solve Problems – by Reagan Miller & Crystal Sikkens

Hebrews 13:16

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Happy reading!