55 Places to Buy Homeschool Curriculum

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55 Places to Buy Homeschool Curriculum

It’s that time of the year, I like to start thinking of some of my favorite places to buy homeschool curriculum. Halfway through the school year, we usually have a pretty good idea of what’s working or not in our homeschool curriculum. I usually start putting together my next-year book list around this time of the year, so when the Hottest Homeschool book sales begin in April I’m ready to score all best deals available.

I’m a bargain shopper and highly dislike paying full price on anything and Free Shipping is a must when I shop online. So, where are the places to buy homeschool curriculums? Well here is a list of each site I’ve personally used, where I always find deals, free shipping, and a good selection.

TIP: Depending on the website and State you live in, you could also score a Tax-Free purchase and that’s another great saving! Now, May the Bargain Shopping Begin!

For buying NEW Homeschool Books, best deals can be found on the following sites: 

1) ChristianBook.com

Every year Christianbook runs a Homeschool Sale from April thru end of June and I highly recommend everyone to signup to receive their catalog to avoid missing it! This sale is pretty impressive. Homeschool books and curriculums are deeply discounted and so far they’ve had THE BEST prices available in the homeschool market during that period of time. You can also easily score Free Shipping as they offer a Free shipping code for any $35+ order.

2) Rainbow Resources Center

My next favorite is Rainbow Resources Center. This company offers lower prices than other places on lots of STEM products and games. I’ve found their prices on many Stem Games average about $7 cheaper than other websites.

Rainbow Resource Center offers an impressive selection of Homeschool Books/curriculums. I found that this company carries many books I use that are not sold by Christianbook.com and Shipping is free for any orders over $50, no code needed. Their Free Shipping is a little slower than other places and it takes up to 3 days at times for the order to even leave their warehouse.

3) Abeka.com

If you are planning to use an Abeka curriculum kit you’ll be happy to know Abeka offers discounts on their kits (discounted prices posted on their website) and Free Shipping on any purchase big or small! Another way we would score extra discounts was by attending one of their product displays and placing our order while there. Abeka will give an extra 15% off + 5% off Veterans discount with I.D. when ordering at their material displays. If doing so is not an option, you could still score an extra 5% off by watching one of their webinars and when it finishes they’ll immediately give you a coupon code.

4) Apologia.com/Military and Missionary Discount

Did you know that Apologia offers 40% off to ALL Military (Active and Veterans) and Missionary Families? God Bless them each and every day for their generosity and kindness.🙌 Although Active Military discounts are often available through many companies (but not at a 40% rate, kudos to Apologia), Veterans discounts are so rare to find as it seems many tend to forget those who have already served.😢 My wish is that Apologia sets an example for many other homeschool companies out there to also honor our Veterans just as they do. May God Bless our Military Heros.🙏😇

5) Timberdoodle.com

Timberdoodle offers discounts on their curriculum kits (discounted prices posted on their website), but keep in mind Free Shipping is only offered on curriculum kits purchases, not single items. When buying a curriculum kit thru Timberdoodle the prices of each book they include in it becomes really competitive, and you really couldn’t score a better deal on your own.

In addition to their deep discount, they also include for free a very handy grade/kit Handbook Manual, together with access to their online schedule which makes planning for your school year a breeze. Last but not least, with every kit purchase you’ll earn Doodle Dollars which is free money you can use on your next purchase! Timberdoodle makes their kits prices unbeatable with all the savings and Freebies they include, together with their Superb Customer Service!

6) Amazon**

I found Amazon can be a hit or miss when trying to buy New Homeschool books, however, it’s worth the try since if they do carry it, their shipping and return policy are the best out there. **Amazon is a great place where to find many used-bookstores at your fingertips. Further down in this article you will find a list of Amazon storefront used-bookstores I’ve used for buying various books over the years.

For USED Homeschool Books, I’ve scored great savings and bargains using the following:

1) Facebook Buy/Sell used Curriculums – Groups

Secret: shhh. Thru each one of these Facebook groups, I’m able to find 80% of books I need for my kids’ homeschool year. People lots of times for various reasons will be selling brand new books at unbeatable prices on these groups. You should always pay through Paypal but make sure NOT TO USE  the “Friends and Family” option. If you pay using the “Friends and Family” option, your purchase will NOT be protected by Paypal in the event you do not receive your goods for any reason or if what you receive doesn’t reflect what you have paid for.

(Links provided with each group name listed below):

2) eBay
Shopping for used-books on eBay can also score you great savings if you find the right vendor that has the books you need. I’ve personally bought many Abeka Readers thru eBay at a fraction of their original cost. Above, I provided a direct link to Ebay’s bookstore and you’ll also find listed below 2 eBay vendors I’ve personally bought books from.

3) “Bookman Bob – on eBay

Bookman Bob has an eBay store with 1000+ used-books for sale. A couple of years ago I purchased a set of 10 Abeka Readers from him and while using them, a couple had either missing or ripped pages. After contacting him, he Promptly sent me (on 2 different occasions) 2 brand new readers at no extra cost. Since his prices are very low and he’ll make things right if anything goes wrong, I recommend this vendor. Seller is located in my sunny Florida😎, and I provided a link to his eBay store by clicking on his name above.

4) “Bookman Kevin” –  on eBay.

Bookman Kevin also has an eBay store that specifically carries lots of used Homeschool books. His store has almost 3,000 items and he carries Abeka, Bob Jones as well as Glencoe, Mcgraw Hill, and many other publishers. His Shipping rates are low and he’s also located in Florida⛱ 🌞. Link to his eBay store can be found clicking on his name above.

5) “Books, Blessings & Bargains” – on Facebook.

Carolyn from “Books, Blessings & Bargains” often posts lots of Abeka books for sale on the Abeka Facebook group. If Abeka isn’t what you are looking for, she also sells many other used homeschool books and supplies. Carolyn recently posted a good amount of Manipulatives for sale on her page. I’ve bought some of these readers from her at $3-4 each plus Shipping, and books were in great shape. You can follow her Facebook page (link provided above), or to inquire if she has what you are looking for, send her a private message thru messenger, she’ll usually answer within a few hours.

6) “Amazon Storefront” Used-Homeschool Books Stores Links:

TIP: Some of these stores have their own website but by buying thru their Amazon Storefront site, your purchase will be backed by Amazon’s return policy which is the best one out there. Anything purchased thru Amazon is backed by Amazon whether is fulfilled by them or not.😉

3) GoodwillBooks.com – Amazon Storefront links as follows:

4) Thriftbooks.com – Amazon Storefront links as follows:

Wishing you’ll be Blessed finding many Bargains and Savings,

Juno. 🌊⛵

Proverbs 10:4-5

A slack hand causes poverty, but the hand of the diligent makes rich. He who gathers in summer is a prudent son, but he who sleeps in harvest is a son who brings shame.

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